AMPI SRL is a trading and distribution company of chemical products, specialized in non-ferrous metal derivatives both salts and oxides, such as: cobalt, nickel, aluminum, copper, antimony, vanadium, molybdenum, zinc.

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Tungsten (W)

Tungstic Acid
Family:W (Tungsten)
CAS: 7783-03-1
Formula: H2W04

Tungsten Metal Powder
Family: W(Tungsten)
CAS : 7440-33-7
Formula: W(Tungsten Metal Powder)

Tungsten Oxide
Family: W (Tungsten)
CAS: 39318-18-8
Formula: WO2

Tungsten Trioxide
Family: W (Tungsten)
CAS: 1314-35-8
Formula: WO3

Salts and Oxides

Rare Earth

Other Chemicals 

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