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A.M.P.I.   s.r.l.                                                                                               
Agenzia  Materie Prime per l’Industria

A.M.P.I srl (Agenzia  Materie Prime per l’Industria srl ) is a trading company and distributor of chemical products specializing in non ferrous salts and oxides such as: cobalt, nickel, alluminium, copper, antimony, vanadium, molybdenum, zinc.

But is also distributor of non ferrous metals such as: lead ingots and zinc ingots, and equipment for hot dip galvanizing plant, plus all equipment necessary for metal construction.

Our company was founded in 1999, after 20 years experience in the distribution of chemical products at multi-national companies and other important distributors.

Today we are a company in continual growth, and we sold not only in Italy but also in Europe and worldwide.

Changes are occurring in the distribution and marketing of chemical products and our company is changing to be active with the market, with some main objects transparency, expertise and specialization .

Actually 90% of our products are sold on the Italian and European market, but we explore international markets with our foreign partners, looking for and offering goods and service to consumers and producers.

The services offered are not only linked to the sales, but we can also organize warehousing and fiscal representative, for all foreigner companies who need to have an Italian VAT number necessary to recover VAT on all services documents occurred in Italy, and also necessary for the REACH.

The range of products for the ceramic, catalysts, plastic and rubber materials, metal surface treatment batteries, hot deep galvanizing, animal feed.

The other fields are metal structure equipment.



The company continually strives to improve its processes and to guarantee the quality and reliability of the products supplied, considering the sale as the final result of the relationship between the producer - distributing agent - user customer. The objective is to create a company "close" to the market and to the demands of the final consumer. A business structure that must act as a connection between the objectives of the "producers" and the interests of the "customers", always offering the best relationship between product quality, service and price.

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