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Cobalt is a metallic element, silvery-white, with strong magnetic properties. It melts at about 1495 ° C, boils at about 2870 ° C, it has a relative density of 8.9 and atomic weight 58.933.

The most important application of cobalt is the manufacture of alloys particularly resistant to heat (called super alloys), which are used in industry and in the production of aircraft engines. An alloy steel, known as cobalt steel, is used to make permanent magnets. The carboloy, an alloy of cobalt and tungsten carbide and the stellite, an alloy of chromium, are characterized by high hardness properties and they are used to cut and thin steel sheeting. Cobalt is also used as a pigment for ceramics, such as drying paint and as a catalyst. Cobalt compounds are used as brighteners in ceramics and glass industry, as catalysts in the chemical and paint industry. Cobalt is a metal applied in metallurgy, ceramics, chemicals, batteries, and animal-feed market. A.M.P.I. Srl offers to its customers the full range of salts covering the entire spectrum of manufacturing applications.

Types of Cobalt


Cobalt Acetate

The acetate salt of cobalt is cobalt (II) of acetic acid. At room temperature appears as a red odorless solid. It is composed of a harmful allergen. It is used in the paint industry and it is soluble in water. The product is available as fine crystals with uniform particle size. It is used as a catalyst in the polyester sector, and anodic oxidation - treatment of aluminum surfaces.


Cobalt Carbonate

Cobalt carbonate, also known as sferocobaltite, is characterized by its intense red color and an appearance in the crystals. Even the cobalt salt is insoluble in water and soluble in acids. Used for the preparation of other salts of cobalt, cobalt carbonate, is also used in the livestock sector as a supplement and in ceramics (cobalt pigments) Cobalt carbonate is available in various forms - low-sodium, free of dust specks and dry powders ranging from 40% to 50% cobalt content. The main use is the preparation of hydroprocessing catalysts and in the applications of ceramic pigments. Cobalt carbonate is also important as an additive mineral supplement for ruminants such as cows and sheep. A product with low nickel content is recommended for this type of application (Feed Industry).


Cobalt Chloride

Cobalt chloride hexahydrate is the salt of cobalt (II) of hydrochloric acid. At room temperature appears as a pink solid odorless material. Heating- up undergoes a partial dehydration turning into a blue-violet color material. It is a carcinogenic compound, noxious, allergenic, harmful to the environment. Cobalt chloride is applied as a pigment and as an indicator of moisture. It is also used in electroplating.


Cobalt Hydroxide

Cobalt hydroxide is used as a drying agent for paints and inks, for the preparation of other compounds of cobalt and as a catalyst in the manufacture of batteries or electrodes. Cobalt hydroxide is used as an additive conductor of the cathode of rechargeable alkaline nickel-based cathode. Our cobalt hydroxide has a high purity and it is standardized with a content of 61.5% cobalt. Its size is uniform (100% below 20 microns, 97% below 5 microns) and its porous structure makes this product an ideal component of industrial catalysts.


Cobalt Oxide

Cobalt oxide (black or cobalt) is also known as cobalt tetraoxide. it’s usually gray-black in color. At room temperature appears as a black solid odorless. Cobalt oxide is normally presented as a powder and it is used in the glass industry, ceramic glazes, batteries, optics. On the market we can find various types of cobalt oxide used in distinctly different areas, for this purpose can supply products with different minimum content of cobalt, from 71% to 73%.


Cobalt Sulphate

Cobalt sulfate heptahydrate is the salt of cobalt (II) of sulfuric acid. At room temperature appears as a purple-lilac odorless crystalline solid. It is a carcinogenic compound, noxious, allergenic, harmful to the environment. Cobalt sulfate is available in three forms - as heptahydrate (CoSO 4 0,7 H 2 O), monohydrate (CoSO 4 O. H 2) and as a solution. Cobalt sulfate is used in the preparation of oxide magnetic recording tape, metal finish, the feed industry, electrolytic copper and as a chemical raw material.



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