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Alumina is commonly obtained industrially by the Bayer process starting from the mineral Bauxite.

Alumina is a ceramic material known since beginning of 1800 and a raw material in ceramic industry. It offers a good combination of mechanical and electric features which can fit several applications. It can be manufactured with more purity grades and with the addition of some additives which improve specific properties.

AMPI srl is able to offer tailor-made alumina in order to satisfy all different customers necessities.

Types of Alumina


Calcined Alumina

Calcined Alumina is aluminium hydroxide processed at a temperature higher than 1100 °C, widely used in refractories and in the ceramic industry. Their specific properties include extreme hardness, refractoriness, high mechanical strength and resistance to wear abrasion, chemical attack, and corrosion. These are used as feed material for fused alumina, refractory aggregates, etc.

Alumina Hydrate

Alumina hydrate, which is also known as aluminium hydroxide and alumina trihydrate, is a crystalline white powder with the chemical formula Al2O3·3H2O or Al(OH)3. These hydrates are available in both moist and dry forms. Coarse alumina hydrates are recommended in the manufacture of aluminium sulphate (alum), PAC (Poly Aluminium Chloride), aluminium fluoride, glass, etc.




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